Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to fly a helicopter……

If you want to get behind the controls or give a gift to a friend or family member, we have a helicopter flight lesson for $249 that will let you fly our popular Beach Tour with an instructor.

You will be at the controls, plus you can bring along a friend for the ride. The lesson starts with ground school where we discuss how a helicopter flys and what each of the controls do when you move them. You will learn information on helicopter safety maneuvers and receive a signed logbook with an FAA endorsement that permits you to operate the controls of a helicopter with an instructor present. At the end of your flight, we will enter your helicopter time in the logbook and your endorsement and helicopter time are yours to keep forever. Feel free to ask us any questions. This is your chance with a helicopter flight instructor and I’m sure you have many things you would like to know. Once in the helicopter, you will find that it is equipped with dual controls that allow the instructor to either pass you the flight controls, help you on the controls, or take over at any time. We have a grass field near the airport where you can practice how to balance and hover a helicopter. Then, it is off to Cocoa Beach and a tour of this beautiful area. Along the way you will get a chance to fly, climb, turn and create lifelong memories for yourself. If you brought along a passenger, you will have bragging rights forever. 

This can be a start to a fun learning experience or maybe even a career. In any case, it is always a lot of fun.
This is a wonderful gift for anyone with an interest in helicopter flight, plus you get a great tour for two.

You can get behind the controls and take a great tour!

We offer a discovery flight through our partner Voyager Aviation for $185 that lets you take the controls of a helicopter. You will fly with a FAA certified helicopter flight instructor making this a truly memorable experience.

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