The NASA Experience

Our NASA tour is the best way to get a birds eye view of the incredible NASA complex. Fly over the beautiful nature areas surrounding the NASA properties and then on to a special flight down the original Shuttle landing strip. Call ahead so we can check for special clearances necessary for this rare opportunity to fly in NASA airspace and view where our space program was born and is now is an active place with frequent launches happening all the time.

During this flight we take extra care to make sure you are comfortable. We fly in a modern, air conditioned amphibious helicopter certified for over water flights. We know you will love it and be back for more.



(per person, minimum 2 passengers)


(per person, minimum 3 passengers)

 NOTE: Occasionally, the NASA complex is active and spectacular launches occur with rockets going up and coming back down right before us. The local area and beaches are filled with thousands of people hoping to get a glimpse of one of these launches. Beachside Helicopters offers exclusive flights during these times and can take passengers up to witness one of these launches from a height of 2,000 feet while hovering along the edge of the viewing area. Frequently, our passengers will request the doors to be removed for full unobstructed views and incredible pictures. If you would like to join the small group of people who have witnessed a rocket launch from a helicopter, give us a call and check availability. Because of the uncertainty and complexity of space flight, we cannot guarantee that a launch will occur on a published date or at a specific time so please be prepared to be flexible in your flight and understand that we will do our best to get in position, however the launch may suddenly be delayed or cancelled with little notice. These flights are obviously rare and are scheduled by reservations on a first come, first serve basis. The pricing is $250 per person and includes a viewing of the launch, flight along the cruise ships of Port Canaveral and a special tour of Cocoa Beach. If the launch also includes a rocket reentry, we will hold in place till the booster rockets return and make their landing back at the Kennedy space complex. Reservations can be made by calling (321) 406 0406 and let us know which flight you are interested in.

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