Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to fly a helicopter……

If you want to get behind the controls or give a gift to a friend or family member, we have a helicopter flight lesson starting from $249 that will let you fly our popular Beach Tour with an instructor.

The lesson starts with ground school where we discuss how a helicopter flies and what each of the controls do when you move them. You will learn information on helicopter safety and maneuvers, and once completed you will receive a signed flight logbook from your instructor complete with an FAA endorsement. This permits you to operate the controls of a helicopter with any certified helicopter instructor present. 

During your training please feel free to ask us any questions, remember this is your chance to train with a fully qualified helicopter flight instructor, and we are sure you have many questions and things you would like to know. 

Once in the helicopter, you will find that it is equipped with dual controls that allow the instructor to safely assist you with the helicopter flight controls.

Once you have experienced taxiing and hovering the helicopter which is done over our special training location, it’s now time for you to depart the airfield and head out to Cocoa Beach. During your flight you will get a change to fly, climb, descend and turn the helicopter, creating lifelong memories for yourself. 

This can be a start to a fun learning experience or maybe even a career. In any case, it is always a lot of fun. This is a wonderful gift for anyone with an interest in helicopter flight. 

You can get behind the controls and take a great tour!

We offer a discovery flight through our partner Voyager Aviation (prices start from $249) that lets you take the controls of a helicopter. You will fly with a FAA certified helicopter flight instructor making this a truly memorable experience.

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